Killay Health and Fitness Club Terms and condition

This website is operated by Killay Health and Fitness Club. Killay Health and Fitness club offer information, services and tools from this website to users upon acceptance of all policies, Terms and conditions.


By subscribing to our website or making a purchase, you acknowledge you will be debited per month or just once depending to the service/ products you buy. If you sign up taking a contract with us, your membership goes to rolling monthly once your contract ends. You are debited every month until you write to us and ask for membership termination. Our terms and conditions apply to all site visitors including site browsers, customers, vendors, killay health and fitness club members and employees, merchants and content contributors.


Please read our terms and conditions carefully before accessing our website or making a purchase from the site. By accessing and using any part of the site you agree is bounded by these terms of service. We may review our terms and conditions at any time and we may change, update and replace any part of these terms frequently. It is your responsibility to check the page periodically and be aware of the changes.



Killay health and fitness club enforce membership rules to ensure make a safe and enjoyable place for all members. 

  1. All members need to use their membership card when enter or exit.

  2. Not share your membership number with anyone else.

  3. Attend an induction in gym, especially if you are using gym for the first time.

  4. Wear suitable footwear and clothing when attending in gym.

  5. Not engaging in any exercise that may harm you or others.

  6. Members must not have any type of criminal behaviour and not causing damage to the gym or other members personal stuff. 

  7. Members should use gym facilities in an appropriate manner and not causing harm to themselves or other members.

  8. Members should put the equipment back to the racks after finishing their workout.

  9. All members should look after themselves while exercising in the gym, Killay health and fitness club will not be responsible for any personal injury comes of carelessness.

  10. Members should not conduct any unauthorised personal training.

  11. Our club will not accept any loss or damage to your personal stuff or valuables (this is your responsibility to look after your valuable stuff).

  12. When cleaning is in progress, we use the signs to let members know about floor slippery and this is your responsibility to notice the signs and take caution of wet floor.


General Terms and conditions

Killay health and fitness club reserve its right as owner of all its trademarks and logos. Killay health and fitness club use all the images of people or events and places in its website and its social media lawfully and you are extremely prohibited of misuse these images.


By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you accept that entire content of our website is protected by copy right and killay health and fitness club is the proprietor of all material.


All members have to conduct a valid email address as all the membership queries are dealt through email.

Our opening hours and fitness classes are subject to change and we are not legally obliged to compensate members for any unavailable facility or services or any cancelled classes.



Information security

Killay health and fitness club is hosted by Wix Inc, who provide us an online- ecommerce platform where we can sell our product and services.

We protect your personal data by putting an appropriate security measures in place and following industry best practice to prevent any unauthorised access, disclosed or altered. All your bank detail and credit card detail are encrypted and stored securely. We follow all PCI-DSS requirements and all industry standard. However, electronic transmission over Internet is not 100% secure. 

If you would like to access, amend or delete your personal information or want to make a complaint or would like to receive more information, please contact the following address:


Name of contact: Sara safari
Email address: 
Postal address: 5 Swan court, Killay, Gower road, SA2 7BA

Telephone number: 01792 208877



Our Third Parties

Our Third parties include Clubright (Who provide us with membership programs) Harland group (who collect payments on our behalf), Stripe (online payment processing platform), First data (card payment processing platform), Mailchimp (marketing platform).

With respect to our third-party service providers privacy-policies, we require to provide them with information for your purchase-related transactions or other services we offer. Our third parties will only use and disclose your personal data to the extend necessary to perform the services they provide for us. They all have their own privacy policy and we recommend reading their privacy policy to know how your personal information are handled.


Information disclosure

We may disclose your personal data with our third parties to whom we may choose to sell, transfer, or merge parts of our business or our assets. The parties set out below; 

Specific third parties such as Clubright (Who manage our membership program), Harland Group (who collect payments on our behalf), Stripe (online payment processing platform), First Data (who process our cash card payment), Mailchimp (marketing platform).

Alternatively, we may seek to merge with other businesses or acquire other businesses. In case of a change in our business, then the new owners may use your personal data in the same way as set out in this privacy notice.

All third parties are required to respect the security of your personal data and to treat it in accordance with the law. Our third-party service providers are prohibited to use your personal data for their own purposes and are only allowed to process your personal data for specified purposes and in accordance with our instructions.

12-16 years old membership

Parental consent must be submitted for this age group. You agree that once he/she has completed an induction, that he/she may use the facility but only the equipment shown during the induction. You should realise that there are physical differences between children in this age group and that damage could occur to soft bones or muscle tissue. If this should occur, you cannot hold Killay Health and Fitness Club LTD or its employees responsible for any damage or injury caused whilst using Killay Health and Fitness Club LTD. You are agreed that he/she must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.


Cancellation request can be taken in the last month of your contract. Please obtain your request in a written format and include your membership number. We will contact you if we need more information. Please allow one month for your request to be processed by Harland Group. 

Purchase and Payment

If you choose direct payment to complete your purchase it would be through Stipe (who process online card payment) or First Data (cash card machine). All payment processors adhere to the standard set by PCI-DSS to make sure secure handling of your card payments. All your payment information is encrypted through the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DS). Transactional data is only stored to the extend necessary to complete your purchase. Upon completion, the transaction data will be deleted.


If you choose to pay by Direct debit, then it would be through Harland Group (who collect payment on our behalf). You agree to a 12 months contract and that cannot be cancelled unless in a very specific situation as follows:

  • Pregnancy or other medical proof from your doctor to not exercising.

  • Moving to a new house in a distance over two miles.

All direct debit after 12 months goes to rolling monthly until we receive a cancellation email request from you. Cancellation requiring one month notice in advance.